Welcome to Shetef Solutions & Consulting Ltd.
We develop top rated windows software products for windows 3.x, 95, 98, Me, 2000 and NT for over the last few years. 
Many of our products are marketed using the "Shareware" method, a method that lets you try the actual product, on your own computer before deciding whether to purchase the product. That way you can base your purchasing decision on the actual product, not on some marketing hype or some anonymous reviewer recommendation. 
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Founded in 1995, Shetef Solutions & Consulting Ltd. develop and markets award-winning Windows tools and utilities for both the developer and the consumer markets. It's products includes Touch-Typing, Win-eXpose-I/O, Win-eXpose-Registry, FindRGB, Win-Secure-It, SSAPI and PrintOut for multiple software platforms.

Our clients includes organizations of all sorts, from Fortune 500 companies to individual entrepreneurs from all over the world. 

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