Shetef Solutions & Consulting Ltd. Year 2000 Compliance:

Shetef Solution & Consulting Ltd. software products meet compliance 
requirements for the Year 2000 and beyond. The products have been tested extensively in regards to the support for four-digit year notation. 

Please note, Shetef Solutions & Consulting Ltd. software products run on a variety of hardware/operating system platforms. Most of these hardware/OS platforms are expected to be Year 2000 compliant. Some are not. Like most Year 2000 compliant software applications, Shetef Solutions & Consulting Ltd. software products require a Year 2000 compliant hardware/OS platform to correctly process date related data after the Year 2000. Hardware/OS vendors should verify which hardware/OS platforms are also Year 2000 compliant. 

About Year 2000 Compliance:

Software not designed to handle four-digit dates may not function properly when referencing the year 2000 and beyond. Problems mainly result from the software relying on two-digit notation, which makes it difficult to differentiate the date 01/01/97 from being in the year 1997 or 2097. Support for four-digit year notation ensures that date-sensitive operations function properly. 
Problems associated with two-digit year notation are typically found in older, legacy applications. Shetef Solutions & Consulting Ltd. software products were developed in the 1990s and have been designed to handle dates beyond the year 2000. 

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