THE BEST typing tutor for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000


Awards winning touch typing tutor...

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Touch-Typing is rated as THE BEST touch typing tutor for Windows95/98/NT. 
Touch-Typing is a typing tutor SHAREWARE windows utility which teaches 
you touch typing in an easy, effective and amusing way. 
Touch-Typing is a MUST HAVE tool for anyone who wishes to learn how to
type quickly and effectively or just trying to improve his/her typing skills. 
Touch-Typing saves a HUGE amount of hours trying to learn touch typing. 
Touch-Typing enables you to advance step by step according to your own 
personal pace, you are also offered a variety of exercises of different ategories 
and also the opportunity of creating your own practices. 
Touch-Typing offers a report about all the user's drills and their scores, and 
also a typing errors report, about all the user's typing errors in each key. 
Moreover extensive graphing capabilities (2D/3D) can show your typing 
progress in many different graphs. 
Touch-Typing makes the learning process of touch typing amusing and 
enjoyable thus not damaging the effectiveness of learning. 
Touch-Typing tutor application's user interface is very intuitive and simple 
to operate, yet it is also very powerful and enables every novice user to 
guru to learn how to operate the program in just a matter of seconds. 
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