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Rocket Download's review:  " If you're looking for ways to hone your typing skills, this program is an excellent tool to help you. Touch Typing offers a great variety of drills and practices that  are certain to increase your typing speed and accuracy. Because this program supports multiple users, many homes,  businesses and schools will find it useful. A family with typists of all different levels can learn from the 15 comprehensive keyboard lessons, and each ïndividual can track his or her own progress with charts and graphs. Touch Typing is one of the best typing programs I've run across, so I'm giving Touch Typing a five smiley rating. There are a great variety of options, it's extremely easy to use, and just about everybody should find Touch Typing fun and beneficial."

WinApp review : "This outstanding application is definitely worth the price and download time. "

The Shareware Net's (TSN) review: "Touch-Typing is geared both towards the novice who is fed up with the 2 fingered approach and the secretary who wants to brush up on his/her typing skills. You never feel out of your depth as the leaning curve is at your own pace and neither do you surcumb to bordom due to the variety of the 15 lessons. Audio corrections signal errors, and mistake frequencies are counted. You track your progress with 2D and 3D graphs that show speed and accuracy. Because multiple users are allowed get the entire office to brush up on their typing skills!
Although the unregistered version only gives you a taster of What can be achieved it should be enough for you to realize that Touch-Typing is the BEST program of its kind.
Mavis Beacon eats your heart out!"

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