Registry Tracer / Debugger / Monitor for Windows 95/98.


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Win-eXpose-Registry is a registry Tracing/Debugging/Monitoring SHAREWARE windows utility which lets you examine in real time what data is stored/retrieved and where in the registry.
Win-eXpose-Registry gives you a clear picture on problems troubleshooting (like how Windows 95 and its applications use the registry and where all the settings are stored).

Win-eXpose-Registry is a MUST HAVE tool for anyone who is installing windows software on the computer or just trying to make sure the current software is working properly,
Win-eXpose-Registry saves those HUGE amount of hours trying to configure new or existing software by letting you know in real time what is the activity on the registry and where exactly every piece of information is stored.

Win-eXpose-Registry application has a very intuitive and simple to operate user interface, Yet a very powerful one that lets any user novice to guru use the program in just a meter of seconds, just run it and then activate the other applications and you will see on the Win-eXpose-Registry screen a real-time logging of all the activities in the Registry.
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