THE Security Solution for Windows 95/98


New and improved version of Win-Secure-IT can be found at our
partners' site. New features were added and the new name is bProtected 2000.


Win-Secure-It ® provides the security you need without changing the way you work. Once you entered your password, you just continue to work as you used to, a simple password is all it takes.
Win-Secure-It ® Security solution allows to prevent accidental or deliberate damage, prevent, protect and control access to valuable applications and information, It even protects against unsupervised usage of the online services, Internet and software piracy.
Win-Secure-It ® Security solution secure at the lowest operating system level, using an advanced file based protection scheme that allows it to secure everything by preventing unauthorized access to resources and information stored on the computer. Protection is done in four levels, Completely Hiding files and folders, blocking any access to the files, allowing just files read-only access, or just monitor file and data usage. Intruder's log is collected to keep track on unwanted attempts to violate the file security.Intuitive and Simple to operate Single and Multiple Users Security support is integrated into the product along with an optional resources access protection exclusion. Win-Secure-It ® Windows 95/98 Security solution is the easiest and simplest to use, with the most effective protection while not sacrificing ease of use.
Win-Secure-It ® Windows 95/98 Security solution is a MUST HAVE tool for anyone who shares his/her computer with someone else, its flexibility and ease of use will assure your data and information are being protected against accidental or deliberate damage. Win-Secure-It ® Windows 95/98 Security solution has a very intuitive and simple to operate user interface, yet a very powerful one that lets any user novice to guru use the program in just a matter of seconds.
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