File I/O Tracer / Debugger / Monitor for Windows

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Win-eXpose-I/O® is a Windows file I/O Tracing/Debugging/Monitoring SHAREWARE utility, that lets you examine in real time what files each running application is using or trying to use.
Win-eXpose-I/O® for Windows traces all file activities in all the applications, and in all the different VM (even DOS boxes), and gives you a clear picture on problems troubleshooting (like where and what the hell is the help file / INI file that the application is using or complaining that is +missing).

Win-eXpose-I/O® for Windows is a MUST HAVE tool for anyone who is installing windows software on the computer or just trying to make sure the current software is working properly, Win-eXpose-I/O® saves those HUGE amount of hours trying to configure new or existing software, by letting you know in real time what files each application in using or seeking.

Win-eXpose-I/O® for Windows applications, has a very intuitive and simple to operate user interface, yet a very powerful one, that lets any user novice to guru use the program in just a meter of seconds, just run it and then activate the other applications and you will see on the Win-eXpose-I/O® screen a real-time logging of all the file activities and their results.

Win-eXpose-I/O® for Windows is also used as a GREAT performance improves by letting you know for each application all the file seeking failures (like searching for a file on the path) and then just by changing a few system settings like PATH or working directory you will gain a performance improvement.
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