File I/O Tracer / Debugger / Monitor for Windows


"Ideal for software installers and troubleshooters, Win-eXpose lists all file activity and also acts as a performance tool, by checking for file seeking failures. Users can then quickly diagnose and track obscure system glitches." (Windows Magazine - Superior Shareware - May 96)

"Simple but Valuable snooper program that helps users find out what their applications are doing behind their backs." (PC Week Magazine - March 96)

"We were able to detect errors quickly..." (PC Week Magazine - March 96)

"It will be welcomed by windows developers trying to track down obscure but crucial glitches in their creations."  (Shareware Scene - January 96)

"I recommend this for anyone using beta programs, new released products." (The Windows Utility Report - Mar 96)

"A useful tool for programmers, system administrators." (Ziff-Davis Interactive - Feb 96)

" gives real-time reports on all file activities all over the system...a must have tool" (Windows 95 Tip-a-day -Feb 96)

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