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Shareware Registration fee ONLY $ 29

Ordering By Credit card (on the web):

You can order using RegSoft Inc. SECURE credit card ordering service:

         Product ID:   35744
            (Click on the picture)

 As soon as RegSoft Inc. notify us that your order has been processed,
 we will ship you the key to unlock the shareware version that you have.
 After you register the product with this key, the product will function as
 a full product without any limitation.

Ordering by Phone, FAX, Email or  Postal Mail (credit cards only):

Product ID 35744 (required)
You can place credit card orders by phone, fax, or postal mail through
RegSoft Inc. a credit card ordering service.

Phone Ordering:
You can call RegSoft TOLL-FREE Voice Order Line at
1-877-REGSOFT (1-877-734-7638), for international orders (outside U.S.)
please call 770-319-2718. Working hours are 9am - 5pm EST.

Postal Mail Ordering:
You can send credit card orders via postal mail to:, Inc.
10820 Abbotts Bridge Road
Duluth, GA 30097.

Please be sure to include a completed Credit Card Order Form with your postal mail order.

Fax Ordering:
You can send fax orders to 770-497-9234

Please be sure to include a completed Credit Card Order Form with your fax order.

Shetef Solutions representative CAN NOT be reached at these numbers.
These numbers are for RegSoft Inc. a third-party service which only takes credit card orders.

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